Cooking Outside of Nature

When you are outside of the prairies, cooking is a quite different. You can use a lot of tools that make cooking a lot easier. Rice cookers and knife sharpeners are good examples:

Knife sharpeners are highly important to those who actually use their knives, from kitchen use to survival needs having the right type of sharpener for your blade is important. Most sharpeners can be seen in the kitchen, the basic wand like sharpener made of steel that comes in several kitchen knife sets. Whetstones are a popularly used way to sharpen knives and can be found made of the materials diamond, ceramic, or natural. Electric sharpeners use motorized wheels to sharpen then blade as you run it through the sharpener. With each type of sharpener the user must know still how to use the sharpener. For example, there are techniques with the whetstone that must be used to properly sharpen a knife. Knife hones are not capable of completely sharpening a dull knife due to the way they literally shave some of the knife when sharpened.

Rice cookers are most always used for rice. A key component to making amazing rice is knowing the correct amount of water to ensure rice is fluffy or sticky and fully cooked just the way you like it. Always rinse your rice to remove talc, which is an additive and is known to cause health issues for the person eating the rice over time. Always rinse the rice until the water drains clear. You really do not want to leave the rice cooker open until it is empty, this causes rice to be cold and the left over water will evaporate and your rice will end up very dry. You must always properly clean your rice cooker. First let it finish drying to ensure rice is easily removed and thereafter clean thoroughly with non- scratch sponges so you do not ruin the inside of the rice cooker material. Always read all directions before use.

Sustainable Parenting with Proper Strollers

Jogging strollers are a parent’s way to stay active and keep their children included in enjoying the exercise and having a good time with nature. For the active parent, finding the right jogging stroller to meet both your needs and the needs of your child can be a daunting task. However, there are many options out there in the world today that gives you choices on size, shape, type of wheel, and space within the stroller for necessary items such as diaper bags, snacks, parent’s purse or wallet. Anytime you decide to take an adventure with your little on and jog, you want to ensure your stroller can maneuver the terrain of your choice, such as off road paths. Also, ensure before buying a jogging stroller and even after you read all directions for use and check into the safety measures used for that particular stroller.

A double stroller is absolutely a must have when two little ones are involved in your life. Having twins or even just two children of similar age or size can be a difficult task already, however finding a double stroller does not have to be. Whether you are exercising, running errands, or taking the kids somewhere more exciting, having the correct space and comfort ability in the stroller is important. Since there are several options on the market, consider some of the needs that are most important to you as the parent. Such as the height in which the handle extends, the wheel type for steering, the safety features that protect your children as you walk, and the space needed for diaper bags, cups, snacks, or backpacks. Always take the time to do proper research before buying and read all directions when you receive your double stroller. Check for issues before putting your children into the stroller.

Kitchen Tools

Deep frying is a new alternative way to the traditional turkey. Although most critics consider it unhealthy, depending on the type of oil used it is most certainly not less healthy then the old fashioned way to cook a turkey. Deep frying can give a turkey a moist amazing flavor and bring joy to any holiday. Using a deep fryer can be a tricky situation for those new to the concept. Several aspects of deep frying have to be considered when you delve into the world that is deep fried cooking. For example, different types of oil will change the flavor slightly of how the food tastes when it’s done, and every oil has a certain temperature it must achieve in order to cook the food thoroughly. Safety must be a priority when deep frying, there are warnings for a reason which prevent fires and injury.

Rice cookers with Fuzzy logic technology are any chef’s best friend. Fuzzy-logic is a new artificial intelligence type of technology that changes the way rice is cooked in a rice cooker. Fuzzy-Logic technology considers the type of rice (long grain, wheat, jasmine) and the amount of water and during the time the rice is cooking the cooker will make adjustments such as turning up the heat, or cooking longer to ensure quality rice to the type you want such as sticky or fluffy. Of course there are several types of rice cookers and each have their own unique abilities to give the amazing rice your family loves or your customers love. As well as beautiful rice, there are several other foods that can be steamed and of course steamed food tends to be healthier as it is cooked without oils, butter, or in other ways. Ensure that all directions are read before embarking on a rice cooking adventure.

Importance of Car Maintenance for Environment

Proper car maintenance is a vital chore for a number of reasons, one of the biggest being environmental protection. Though damage to the environment may be one of the last things drivers may think of when performing upkeep on their cars, there are important factors that can cause harm to a variety of portions of our environment.

 Fluid Leaks

Probably the easiest to prevent and most influential on the environment are various fluids that can leak from an automobile. Substances such as transmission fluid, motor oil, and antifreeze may drip if there are cracks or gaps in the various containing vessels and tubes. When these fluids are not cleaned up, they can harm nearby plant and animal life. In extreme cases, they can even flow into rain runoff and ultimately pollute clean sources of water for drinking, food preparation, and other sensitive purposes.

The best way to minimize the impact of environmental damage from fluid leaks in your automobile is to regularly check fluid levels and inspect your vehicle for damage. If any of these fluid levels are low, chances are that they have been leaking and should be addressed. Even if the levels are holding steady, there could be potential for future pollution if the transmission or radiator show signs of damage. Look over the individual parts of your automobile from time to time in order to make sure everything appears to be containing fluids as it should.

Broken Part Disposal

Another practice that may contribute to environmental damage is the disposal of old or broken automobile parts. If pieces such as the transmission have to be replaced completely, make sure that the old parts are sent to a scrapyard that can sell them to new owners or disposed of in the cleanest way possible. Parts that are sent to sit and rust in a landfill contribute to the plethora of garbage sitting around and not being recycled. Eventually, this space will run out and there will be no other places to dispose of junk.

Air Pollution from Exhaust

One of the most easily ignored forms of environmental damage from improper automobile maintenance is exhaust produced from running vehicles. Any machine that utilizes fossil fuels introduces unhealthy emissions to the environment. Though small contributions are likely negligible, such gases can cause extreme damage in large quantities. With the vast number of cars on the road today, this is a very sensitive facet to monitor.

In order to reduce your part of air pollution, make sure that your car is running as efficiently as possible. Unnecessary strains cause your engine and other parts to work harder and produce less power than optimal, and thus expel more exhaust per distance traveled. By maintaining all parts of your car as best possible, you can produce less exhaust and reduce environmental damage. Though changes to individual vehicles may be small, the differences can be great across all drivers in the world.

Do your part! Make sure that you perform regular car maintenance and encourage other drivers to do the same. Together, we can reduce our impact on the environment and ensure healthy living conditions for the future.

Growing Rice Sustainably

Currently, rice is the most consumed staple food worldwide, with the figures for the same going exponentially higher for countries which are in Asia. Rice-especially brown rice- contains many nutrients, among them Vitamin B1, B3, B6, iron, manganese, fiber and essential fatty acids. This kind of makes it the whole package. Keeping this in mind, not only can growing rice be very economically satisfying, but it can also enhance food security the world over. Rice can be grown throughout the year, and has some pretty awesome benefits for the environment.

This said, every good thing has its ugly side. It is therefore important that even as more and more people with land turn towards growing rice, that it is done appropriately so that it can be grown sustainably. First, it is important that rice farmers take care of themselves, otherwise they may fall ill, and there will be no one to grow rice. So as unimportant as it sounds, they must at all times be appropriately covered. Rice fields tend to look a bit like marsh, and this usually enables sneaky bilharzia parasites to hide and get into the sole of the farmers’ feet or their hands as they walk through the farm.

The most fascinating fact about growing rice is that it can be grown and yield more productively even when less inputs are applied to it. Take, for example, a group of farmers in Madagascar who had to devise a new method to grow rice, so that they would not have to use so much water. Did you know that a third of earth’s fresh water usually goes into growing rice in irrigated rice paddies? These farmers also did not know that. But they knew it needed way more water than they could afford to lose. So they tried their hand at planting the seeds directly into the soil. One seed is planted on its own, and others along it, in a row. The seeds are then provided with enough nutrients. And they grow! Even better than the rice grown in paddies, since these seeds have stronger and deeper roots. What’s more, the farmers use an absurdly reduced amount of water compared to the flooding paddies, they require less fertilizer and have increased rice yields for smaller farmlands. Now this method would also require one to weed more regularly than the traditional method of growing rice, but isn’t that a genuinely small price to pay?

The above described method results in less methane effusions are emitted to the environment. Now that is great news for the environment! And to us. Climate change is a real and looming threat. For rice lovers, you can take this environmental conservation a notch higher. Did you know that using modern appliances to cook food has been shown to use less energy than the more traditional methods? This means that if you cook your food using a contemporary rice cooker (for example one of these) – there is an insane variety of foods that you can cook when using a rice cooker- you are using up less energy. And as stated in the laws of thermodynamics; energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed. So we need to be very careful how we use our energy and how much of it we use, lest it be transformed into our greatest fear.

Interesting Use of Prairie Stones – Sharpening!

One may think that to use a natural stone for sharpening their knives, they would have to walk around collecting various stones, judging their weight and having to go through some terrible stones before getting to their right stone. This is actually not true. Several companies that deal in cutlery or more specifically in knives and their accessories provide several varieties of natural sharpening stones. Most of these quote the cultural aspects as one of their key selling points. Another one would be the good quality of sharpening, as most of them even advertise their artificial stones by saying that they sharpen knives almost as well as a natural one would. So it is quite understandable that more and more people are turning back towards natural stones to sharpen their knives.

The most endearing quality of natural stones, as earlier mentioned, is their marks as cultural assets. Some may use them to get in touch with the workings of their forefathers. Another endearing quality is their rarity. Most of the earlier mines that were used to obtain natural whet stones have been closed up for a while, owing to advances in technology. However, those in the know proclaim that the stones that were previously mined are enough to keep the supply chain flowing. The beauty of natural stones has also been widely acclaimed. Seeing as they are mined then cut, with variations in the abrasive particles, every stone is different from the other stones. This makes all natural stones uniquely beautiful.

nutural stone for sharpening bladesWith the depletion or closure of many of the quarries from where a large number of natural stones were mined, one has to be very careful when buying natural stones to sharpen knives. These stones should be named depending on the quarry from which they were gotten, and they should have a significantly higher amount of abrasive particles than their artificial counterparts.

That said, natural stones are a great way for a beginner to get the hang of sharpening their knives. When using natural stone, the risk of damage to the blade is markedly reduced, making it a worthwhile method of practising and getting used to sharpening knives. One disadvantage however, is that when repeatedly using these knives for a longer period of time, one would be required to sharpen their knives more frequently, as the natural stones do not have the exact high quality product that is usually gotten while using more  modern methods of sharpening knives-including artificial stones. This would be especially disadvantageous to chefs and butchers. For the rest of us mere mortals, however, using a natural stone to sharpen our knives is pretty neat.

Another Way of Enjoying Nature: Jogging with a Baby

When it comes to jogging in the open with a baby stroller there are a lot of items to take into account which are easily, and often, overlooked. For the active mom looking to get back to nature and to jog it is important that she has the most suitable jogging stroller. For the dad who is trying to stay active, as well as engaged with his child, it is important to know what type of stroller is not only safe for the child, but also best to accommodate him. Below are some of the most important items to consider when jogging with a baby stroller in the nature (even in a park) and which will hopefully make your next run a lot smoother, and safer, for yourself and the precious baby you are jogging with. Keep in mind that we are focusing on  single strollers only in this review, but there are plenty of double jogging stroller reviews online too.

The first item which should be considered is the wheels of the stroller. Stroller wheels typically come in a fixed wheel or a swivel wheel. If you will be jogging on a flat, paved surface, the swivel wheel is the perfect choice, as it allows the stroller to move easily, turn on a dime, and to use minimal effort to push. However, if you will be jogging on a more rugged terrain or taking the stroller “off road,” the fixed wheel is the preferred stroller wheel. A fixed wheel offers added safety and stability to the stroller, which will help cushion the feel of jogging off road.

best jogging stroller useAnother item which is often over looked is the size of the wheels. A larger wheel base is suggested for anyone who will be using the stroller on a rougher terrain, as it will provide more surface area for the stroller and make the stroller far more stable. If the majority of the jogging will take place on smooth, paved surface (ie in a park or on a clear field, NOT in the woods!), a thinner wheel is the wisest choice, as it will allow for easier navigation and is much easier to push. When choosing which type of stroller wheel is best, it is often wise to think about bicycles – off road bikes have larger tires, while racing bikes have thinner tires, the same principle holds true for baby stroller tires.

Lastly, the safety features of the baby stroller should definitely be considered long before making a purchase.  Some of the key safety features which should be considered are: the material the stroller is constructed out of, if the wheels have locks, if the stroller has hand breaks, and the harness system which will secure the child while sitting in the stroller.  Ultimately, choosing the right jogging stroller boils down to what one is looking for and what best suits the needs of the child, as well as the needs of the jogger.

One Way to Enjoy the Nature: Bow Hunting

Bow hunters of all ages wait seemingly endless hours, often high in a tree, with their perfect compound bows, waiting for his/her prey to unknowingly trot out of the thick brush of the woods, and directly into firing range. Avid bow hunters know in order to put fresh meat into the freezers and to hang trophy racks on the walls, it is going to require a lot of effort, patience, and persistence. Those who do not hunt truly have no idea how grueling sitting aloft in a tree for hours on end, often balancing on a platform no bigger than two square feet, without coming down, and trying to blend into the natural scenery nature has provided. However, season in and out, thousands upon thousands of bow hunters take the dense woods, often before dawn even breaks and the sun has cast its glorious rays upon the Earth, to climb into a tree and wait. And wait.

As one sits in the tree, or other location, with bow or a highly rated crossbow for endless hours muscles will begin to tighten and cramp. Boredom may sink in; cold weather may nag at your limbs leaving one wishing he/she had put on an extra pair of socks. Soon stomachs will begin to churn and long for some nutrition and all too often the urge to leave and head home will sink in. However, for those patient and truly committed bow hunters, there is a plentiful bounty and great harvest to be had.

In order to be a truly great bow hunter one must not only be an accurate shot and willing to go great lengths to wait for the next animal to pounce in front of him/her, but they also need to be mentally tough. Bow hunters need to tell the weather it is wrong – it is not too cold, or to hot, and that endurance will win the day. The bow hunters mind may tell them to climb out of the tree stand, to move to a new location, or to pack it in; it is then the mind must reassure itself the deer are not spooked and climbing down could mean losing the best hunt of not only the day, but possible of your life.

best recurve bow reviewedThis bow hunting season go the extra mile and scout out possible hunting areas. Get to know the lay of the land, which animals are living in the area, what time of the day they eat, and other notable features of the area.  Try spending all day at your hunting stand and getting your body, and mind, used to being in the woods all day. Not only will this help get a feel for the animals around, but it will also train your body, and mind, and more adequately prepare it for what lies ahead. By properly preparing and planning ahead, this just might be the best bow hunting season ever and have others complimenting you about the freezer full of meat, new rack on the wall, and the countless pictures of the large bucks you tagged.